Gangsaw Slabs

The process of making a slab product starts with the quarrying of giant blocks at granite quarries and ends with the cutting of stone blocks into slabs using stone block cutting machine (gang saw) at granite factories. Generally, stone blocks are sold unfinished and rough. On the other hand, some slabs are sold finished and semi-finished with the polishing of surface on one side of the stone plus finished or unfinished edges. Cutter slabs and gangsaw slabs are the two primary slab types separated from rough blocks.

Global B2B buyers buy gang saw stone slabs in a bulk quantity for commercial purposes. When it comes to buying gang saw for sale, buyers focus on a few features size, thickness, and shape options. There are different granite markets where slabs are sold in varying sizes as per changing needs of B2B and B2C buyers. Read this content to know more about granite gangsaw slabs and their dimensions through a perfect mix of written texts and images

Granite gangsaw slab size

• Gangasw granite slab size – 60 x 60 cm with 2-3 cm thickness

Gangasw granite slab size – 60 x 30 cm with 2-3 cm thickness

Gangasw granite slab size – 90 x 90 cm with 2-3 cm thickness

• Mini granite gangsaw slab – 110-150 x 240-300 cm with 2-3 cm thickness

Granite gangsaw slab thickness

• Thickness in cm – 2-3 cm (standard); Custom size on order
• Thickness in mm – 20-40 mm (standard); Custom size on order